Wedding gifts in Pakistan

Wedding gifts

You flutter a wedding invitation in the house – how beautiful! But in the next moment, the question arises: What should you give to the newlyweds? Do you choose as a wedding present money in an original packaging or maybe you are looking for a very different idea? To make sure you’re not left empty-handed on the day of the celebration, we’ve put together the most extraordinary, fun, fun wedding gifts in Pakistan and money packaging for you.

Give money for the wedding and original packaging

Most newlyweds expressly wish for money in their invitations instead of a wedding present. Either as a subsidy to the wedding party, or to fulfill a dream. On the other hand, there is really nothing wrong with it, but if you want to give something “impersonal” such as money for a wedding, you should definitely make for a funny packaging that stays in the memory.

Darn IQ box

Something to tinker with

A funny idea is this box , in which you pack the money and in which the recipients first have to figure out where the opening mechanism is and how to operate it. This task is said to have driven many people to madness, but with united strength it creates the bridal couple determined – and keeps yours as one of the funniest wedding gifts in memory.

Let money rain as a wedding present

For a surprise effect provides this gift box, which is equipped with a jack-in-the-box mechanism. This means that the bride and groom flies everything that you put into the small bowl in the middle of the box when you open it – for example, a load of confetti. Advantage: Bank notes are fixed with an existing clip on the shell so that no money is lost. Or how about your own money printing machine for the bride and groom ? In it you hide in advance your bill, which comes to light as soon as the recipients turn the crank.

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