Join DYO Affiliate Program, Earn up to 10% on each sale

Good news! Design Your Own (DYO) is pleased to offer the most generous affiliate program in Pakistan. DYO will be sharing 35% of its per sale profit to the affiliate who generates the sale. That mean 10% of the total price of the product will go to the affiliate. That is indeed generous because we believe in growing together. You do not need any extra skills, any extra time. Just drop the referral link at correct place or share with your friends and family and wait for potential client to click on it. Any number of purchases he makes within two days of clicking your link will result in you earning 10% of what he spends in total. Yes! we know that is amazing 🙂

How does DYO Affiliate Program work?

DYO affiliate program is easy and straight forward. You have to register as our elite affiliate member using the form given below. Once registered, you will be able to login into your affiliate panel right from this page. After login you can obtain your referral links  by clicking the ‘affiliate links’ or ‘banners’ option. All you have to do is to share your affiliate link on your social media or email to your contacts. If you are a blogger or have a website, place the link or banner there. Any one who clicks your link and makes the purchase, you earn the commission.

What are the needed skills or requirements to join the DYO affiliate program?

None! Any one can join DYO affiliate program any time and you do not need particular skills to gain benefits from it. Although those who have better social marketing skills will have chance of earning more than the others. If you are a blogger, digital marketing expert or run your own high traffic website, this program is not less than a gold mine for you. You can earn you way more than low paying ad display campaigns.

How are you paid?

Details of the commissions you earned and referrals you make are visible to you in the affiliates panel after login. You can select your desired payment method from the payment settings page. Currently DYO support Easy Paisa and bank account transfer.


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