Superman Mobile Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4 – Superhero Cartoon Mobile Cover


Feeling a little blue? Or just a fan of Superman? Get a lift from this cover. Made using a special printing technique that gives a 3D effect, this Superman Mobile Cover takes a classic image and makes it pop. Constantly surrounded by a green hue, he stands out even more for those around him. It’s a great way to personalize your phone! And, with full access to the camera, ports and buttons, you’ll have no trouble getting the best shot. Slip your mobile in and leave it in style with this great Superman Mobile Cover.

Superman always saves the day, the flying man of steel. When he is not flying around the world or saving people he is usually found relaxing on his couch. Don’t ruin the look of your favourite superhero by placing him on a dirty couch. The Superman Mobile Cover will keep him safe and secure, like all superheroes should be protected. This way he can relax on his couch, whilst you relax on yours.

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