Give Advance Protection With Fancy Mobile Cover, Flexible and Durable


Fancy Mobile Cover is a case that has been designed to give your phone protection from scratches, abrasions, dents and will even protect your phone if it falls. The Fancy Mobile Cover has been well designed that allows you to carry your phone confidence, in your purse or anywhere else you might want to keep handy.

More Features of Fancy Mobile Cover:-

1. Features a slide-on slim-fit design.
2. Made of polycarbonate plastic.
3. It’s easy to install & remove… It’s easy to use & can be used with one hand.
4. The matte surface prevents smudges and allows the case to easily slide into your pocket.
5. The rubberized texture of the case provides excellent grip.
6. Outer layer has a spider-web patterned texture, which prevents the case from sliding on flat surfaces.
7. The case fits your mobile device tightly and will not fall off easily.
8. Cut-outs for full access to controls, sensors, microphone, speakers, camera, USB port…
9. Lightweight, durable and perfect fit for your smartphone.
10. Tested & recommended by the DYO (Design Your Own).
11. Compatible with all mobile phones.

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