Fabi Ayyi Ala i Rabbikuma Tukazziban Calligraphy


Fabi Ayyi Ala i Rabbikuma Tukazziban Calligraphy is proud to present Arabic calligraphy, hand-made calligraphic art for the discerning customer. Arabic calligraphy is a subtle art, the mere sight of which will elevate your mood and motivate you to achieve your best. Arabic calligraphy is a strong expression of faith and religion, used to create unique pieces of art that fit any decor. This type of art form is truly timeless, as it will never go out of style or be considered outdated.

The concept for the included calligraffiti art product: When it comes to Arabic calligraphy, the style, size and even the colours are strictly regulated. The concept of this product is to get the customer to do their own calligraphy in a very special and fun way!

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