Tea Time 3D Acrylic Wall Clock


This is a 3D acrylic wall clock designed by Design Your Own. It is inspired by the shape of a teapot, with a cork at the top, and a handle at the bottom. Made of high-quality acrylic, it is a fun and quirky way to tell time! It comes in many colours. It is a perfect gift for friends, family and children. It measures approximately 9.5 inches in diameter.

This 3D wall clock is an awesome idea for those of you who love tea. It’s a simple yet elegant design that will look great on any wall in your house. The wall clock comes with a digital style that has a simple and modern design. It has a nice, clean, and minimalist look to it. The wall clock is easy to hang and takes about 10 minutes to install. It has a nice and smooth finish that gives it a professional look.

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