2022 Home Decor Wall Clock 3D Acrylic


Put a new face on your wall with this 2022 Home Decor Wall Clock 3D Acrylic featuring a large acrylic, 3D wall clock with repeating skulls design. This acrylic wall clock is a perfect accent for any wall in your home, office or classroom. Its large display is easy to read from across the room. The clock has a plastic frame and glass lens, measures 9.0″ in diameter and comes ready to hang. Designed for indoor use.

The DIY 3D Acrylic Wall Clock is a perfect wall décor item to release your creative side as well as add a classy, bold, unusual and fun addition to your home. It offers the perfect design to give a wall in your home a unique and interesting touch. It is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to decorate with a creative twist or anyone who just enjoys art and design.

You can be creative and customize it to your own taste by painting it or adding your favourite colours to it. The item is designed to be screwed onto the wall. It comes with a fully functioning clock that has a silent movement. It is also easy to care for.

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