Auto Rotating Digital Custom Photo Lamp “Small”


The perfect gift for your loved ones has arrived. DYO Digital Custom Photo Lamp has arrived just in time for the holidays. Save special moments and cherish them always with our customized Autorotating Digital Picture Lamp. This photo lamp features a crisp, bright 5.6” TFT LCD Screen and the option to output in four different frame sizes. Enjoy this wonderful memory with your family and friends. Perfect for the Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries. Simply plug the frame in and start sharing your priceless moments with family and friends.

Have a collection of early photos of your loved ones that you are trying to preserve? You need to get a hold of the Digital Photo Lamp! This handy little photo lamp will help you display these old photos and preserve them for generations to come. Now you can order here for your own custom photo lamp.

You can attach multiple pictures
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