Design Your Own 3D I Love You LED Night Light Lamp


This 3D I Love You LED Night Light Lamp is the newest creative night light with a 3D light effect, it can be used as a decoration for your bedroom or your dining table or just put in the kid’s room for your need.

Innovative 3D LED night light creative decorative lamps. One-of-a-kind unique lighting design instantly doubles the cool factor of any room. Fun and functional, this is one of the coolest lamps available.

3D I Love You LED night light: cute appearance, 3D LED night light creative, dining table lamp, bedside lamp, romantic lamp, children lamp, home decor lamp, gift lamp!
LED night light: 1. Adopting LED as the light source. 2. Low power consumption, long-lasting, environmental protection. 3. Red, blue, yellow, green, white, orange and other colours available. 4. Brightness and colour temperature can be adjusted freely. 5. Light up and down, rotate, flashing mode, sleep mode and other functions.

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