Bugs Bunny Personalized Gift Mug for Kids

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What’s up Doc? Yes! you guessed it right. This time the theme of our mug is bugs bunny. The list of cartoon series is incomplete with the famous Looney Tunes. And obviously looney tunes is incomplete without Bugs Bunny. The bugs bunny is famous for his characteristic greyish color with insouciant and flippant personality. He never takes care of his enemies and take them for granted. As a result his enemy gets offended with his frivolous response towards them, and in struggle of hurting him get themselves injured.  So, dedicated to this legendary series is our personalized gift mug that demands you to not to listen to what people has to say about you. Just keep on doing what your heart and minds say.

Order this personalized gift mug for your personal use or send this as a gift to your friends, loved and closed ones. This personalized gift mug with two photo placeholders where you can put your own photos, text or any graphic. Customize it as you wish.