Custom Love Photo Wooden Lamp Especially for Couples


Express your love for the special occasion with this Photo Wooden Lamp, a gift for someone you love. Made from 100% natural bamboo, this lamp has a soft, natural, warm glow. The large circular base is perfect for use with a favourite table, while the extra-long and sturdy bamboo pillars are perfect for displaying on a bedside table.

The small photo in this lamp is placed in a circular, birch wood frame, measuring 8×4 inches across. The photo can either be digital or taken from an old photo. The frame is covered with a thin layer of transparent and waterproof resin, which can be safely used. This lamp provides a simple and beautiful way to display photos, often cherished mementos, and is a gift that will be enjoyed for years.

This Photo Wooden Lamp measures approximately 8 inches from the base to the top of the frame. The photographic is 3 inches across by 12.5 inches high. This lamp is handcrafted with care and makes a fantastic gift for the person you love.

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