Design Your Own Customized Acrylic Table Frame (12×12)


You can now design your own customized acrylic table frame. Add a special touch by uploading any photo you like. This custom table frame is the perfect way to display any handmade photo or memorabilia. Your photograph will be protected behind a thick piece of scratch-free plexiglass and a brushed acrylic table frame.

This 12×12 photo frame by DYO is made of Acrylic and is available in many colours like Clear, White, Black, etc. We offer you to design your own custom frame that can be used to frame a picture, photo, or art. This frame is perfect for any occasion like a wedding, anniversary, party, graduation, birthday, etc. Why do you want to keep a picture or photo of your loved ones in a simple picture frame when you can frame it in this beautiful customized frame.

You can attach multiple pictures
Please provide design instructions here