Personalized Butterfly Wall Decal Acrylic Stickers, (16 Pcs) Removable For Home Decor


3D black colour butterfly wall decal is a stylish and creative product that will look so stunning on your home wall. we are offering 16 pcs butterfly, its wings are adjustable (foldable) that will look like real ones.

The high-quality material is used for this decal butterfly wall decor that makes it long-lasting and durable. You can place them where ever you want, they will look amazing and will give you an eye-catching view.

Currently, the available size is 5″ x 16 pcs decal home wall decor butterfly in black colour.

How To Use?
1- Clean the place where you want to sticker these butterflies.
2- Make sure the place is a smooth surface, dry and clean.
3- Apply glue dots and paste them on these dots.
4- Keep sure the wings fly up.

These butterflies are applicable in various environments like you can use them in parties for decoration, or gifts on the wedding day, special day, occasional day, or you can personalize it to decorate your children’s room, drawing room, where ever you want, it will look amazing.

Please provide design instructions here