Defense Day light t-shirt, High Quality Cotton with Crew Neck


This defense day light t-shirt is the remembrance of those Armed personal who laid their lives but didn’t allow the enemy to hurt Pakistan. This is the remembrance of M.M Alam who destroyed 5 fighter jets within 2 minutes. It is for young Aitzaz Hassan who sacrificed his life but didn’t allow suicide bomber enter into school. This t-shirt is for that Chemistry professor in Bacha Khan University and for the Principal in APS, who sacrificed their lives, but saved the future of the country. This defense day, let’s pay tribute to the ones who sacrificed their present for the better future of the country. This defense day, let’s send message to the enemies of Pakistan that we do not forget our heroes. Rather, we remember them, learn from them and continue the journey which was started by them. So order this t-shirt now for your personal use or send this as a gift to your friends. The gift you want to be remembered for a long time.

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