DYO Unique Custom Designed Shield (5×7) (6×8)


Designed for a great cause. These fully customizable acrylic shield plaques are a great way to support a cause, service, hero, beloved pet name, team, teacher, friend, family member, or business. We have been designing beautiful acrylic plaques for over 5 years. Made in the PAK. Acrylic

Shield Plaques are the perfect way to display a name or a logo. In addition to being a great promotional tool, they can be used to commemorate a special occasion, honour a person. Choose a plaque that fits your need! We make a variety of sizes and shapes. Choose from a classic rectangular shape, a custom cut to shape, a fun star, a company logo, a circle, a heart, a diamond, a cross, a crescent moon, a starburst or any other shape that reflects your personality or expresses your cause or message.

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