Award and Recognition Letters and Plaques – That Will Inspire Performance


Custom Teacher award. At Design Your Own, we believe that teachers are the true heroes in our society. We think that teaching is an extremely difficult job that not everyone is qualified for. We know that teachers are put in the spotlight every day, and if they fail, then they are completely blamed. We feel that teachers are the most important part of our society and that they deserve the best!

This exclusive award is perfect for recognizing exceptional teachers, instructors, coaches, and leaders. This award is also great for recognizing students of the month. Participants can be recognized for whatever they want. It can be an award for anything. It’s up to you. Put your own spin on it! The script lettering & laurel wreath will be the same on every award. The wording around the laurel wreath will be customized with whatever you want it to say. You can decide to have just one name or you can decide to have several names.

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